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Glass Engraving

In the engraving industry sand blasting is used to engrave crystal and glass trophies and glassware.


What is sand blasting?

Sand blasting is the process of combining an abrasive media with air and forcibly propelling it in a stream onto a surface to create an abrasion of the surface. Combined with the use of a masked area on the surface you can etch a pattern /image onto almost any surface.

Crystal and Glass

It provides a far superior result than any other glass engraving process available. You get very fine detail work and sharp crisp lines. It is by far superior to laser engraving methods which a) gives a duller finish with not as sharp line edges and b) does not like hi-led content crystal or cheap grade glass. With sand blasting it does not matter about the quality of glass you get exceptional results on cheap glass right through to high quality lead crystal.